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CultureShop Episodes

Episode 1: The role of retail in the heritage sector, plus top tips on VM and how your site's collection can inspire your product range.
Episode 2: How to link your collection, product range and visual merchandising in creative ways, whatever your budget.
Episode 3: How to identify your main types of customer, and turn browsers into buyers.
Episode 4: How the logic and creativity of visual merchandising can help engage your customers.
Episode 5: An overview of financial management including top tips on successful heritage retail finance.
Episode 6: A guide to planning your product range, and getting the right product mix.
Episode 7: How to navigate a year in the life of a Buyer.
Episode 8: Why good bespoke is more than just a logo on a mug – it's part of the visitor experience.
Episode 9: How to nurture a good relationship with your suppliers.
Episode 10: What makes a good guidebook? We ask some of the best publishers in the business. Plus a visit to Top Drawer.