Retail Resilience Programme

Retail Resilience is a training programme to develop knowledge and skills for retail in the museum sector. The aim is to build on the knowledge base of those organisations where help and guidance is most needed, thereby improving their resilience and sustainability.

The programme consists of four free training workshops delivered by a team of experts with extensive experience in the cultural sector. The four key topics are: 
  • Finance 
  • Buying 
  • Visual merchandising 
  • Shop skills 
Post-training support is offered through Regional Talking Shops, an easy way to network with other local cultural venues. The forums are a great way of sharing knowledge and best practice, and reflecting on life in the museum sector in a friendly and informal way.

Our latest training resources include a ten part series on cultural retail packed full of advice, ideas and insights accompanied by downloadable fact sheets. Now also available, the ACE Retail Benchmarker - a free online tool enabling you to understand and compare your KPIs.

Open to all accredited museums in England, the Retail Resilience Programme has been made possible with funding from the Arts Council and will run across all the Arts Council regions in England, a total of 180 accredited museums over a three year period. 

Your extra benefits

  • One year's FREE ACE membership  
  • One day's FREE entry to the ACE Conference and Trade Show
  • One FREE ACE Study Day 
To find out more about the Retail Resilience Programme please contact: