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How to use this site


Please feel free to browse our website and find more about the Association for Cultural Enterprises.

Interacting with this website

If you want to join ACE, or enjoy the benefits of ACE membership you must first register. 


During registration we ask you for a username and your real name and address. Your email address is only ever used by us to send you communications from this site. Youu can read our privacy policy here. When you register we will send instructions to complete registration to your email address. Once completed, you will be able to log into the website and be able to join ACE as an organisation or register as an individual member.

Joining ACE

Your organisation can join ACE  here

Registering as a member

You need to login here and complete a simple registration form here. The registration form allows us to identify which organisation you work for so that we can give you your online membership benefiots when you log in next time.