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Responding to the Scottish Government's Draft Culture Strategy

The Scottish Government recently closed a public consultation on a culture strategy for Scotland which will "show how important culture is to Scotland's future, and enable everyone to have the opportunity to take part in or contribute to cultural life in Scotland."

As part of the consultation, the Scottish Government asked for feedback on its aim to:

Develop the conditions and skills for culture to thrive, so it is cared for, protected and produced for the enjoyment of all present and future generations.

The Association for Cultural Enterprise made a short submission to the consultation, encouraging the Scottish Government to recognise and encourage the role of commercial income generation as part of the sustainable funding mix for the future: 

It is our submission that where a strong and distinctive trading/commercial offer exists within a cultural or heritage organisation, maximum benefit is achieved for both when there is a genuine partnership between the artistic/ curatorial and the commercial.

We continued..

We encourage the Scottish Government to reflect the potential for commercial development in supporting the arts, heritage and culture, and to signpost the services of the Association for Cultural Enterprises and others in celebrating existing good practice, and promoting change for the future.

You can read our full submission here, and our Annual Report for 2017/18 which covers the full range of activities the Association undertook to promote the work of its members is also available for download.