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The Incredible Terracotta Warriors

10am at the World Museum in Liverpool, and eager visitors are queuing to get into the amazing exhibition China’s first Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors. ACE Commercial Manager Catherine Pank was among them... read on to find out how you could be there too.

To see the Terracotta Warriors is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it's no wonder that tickets for this incredible exhibition have completely sold out. The museum is releasing evening access times during the summer due to unprecedented demand.

Luckily - my name was on the door! I met with Karen O’Connor, Head of Retail, and Katie Roberts, Head of Events, to put the final touches to our Study Day programme and visit the spaces we'll be using on 13 September.

Karen and Katie described the cross-team meetings they attended during the planning stages of the exhibition and explained how important the business plan was, and still is. The team had training from a Chinese cultural expert on how to conduct business meetings and develop relationships with Chinese colleagues and suppliers and were lucky to have a native Mandarin speaker in their HR team to help with phone calls and translating!

The exhibition is truly awesome! I never dreamed that I would see the real Terracotta Warriors - and now you can see them too, at our Study Day The Terracotta Warriors: Monetising a Major Exhibition on 13 September. Not only can you hear the amazing stories behind making the exhibition a commercial success, but you’ll also have the chance to see the stars of the show for yourself.

As an added bonus, if you’re arriving in Liverpool the evening before the Study Day, why not join us for a networking drinks reception at the John Lennon and Yoko Ono exhibition, Double Fantasy.

What more could you be looking for from a trip to Liverpool?! Prepare to be wowed...!

Catherine Pank, ACE Commercial Manager

BOOK NOW: The Terracotta Warriors: Monetising a Major Exhibition 13 September 2018, Liverpool