Welcome from ACE Chairman, Caroline Brown | The Association for Cultural Enterprises

Welcome from ACE Chairman, Caroline Brown



The Association has developed significantly in the past few years. Mainly it has become more professional by virtue of employing Jill Fenwick  and Jane Temperley. The contribution of the volunteer members of the Board has been incalculable. However we have not lost the shared sense of camerarderie that characterises us, both amongst the Members and Associates. We may now get coverage in the national press but we are still a small group of friendly colleagues working out the best ways to help each other achieve our goals both commercially and aesthetically. We want to sell lots of products in our shops but we want those products to be smart and classy, even if it is the very necessary branded souvenirs in our shops. This is clearly shown by the scale of entries to the hotly contested annual Best Products Awards which we are developing further for the coming year.

We now have financial benchmarking across the main trading sectors that we cover but we are working hard to make this easier to use and we are constantly revisiting communication channels so that information flows more quickly between all  our Members and the Trustees and Executive. Please let us have your ideas about how we can improve in any of this.

Caroline Brown