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ACE is the UK’s only organisation for professionals in the field of cultural and heritage commerce.

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An ACE Masterclass that will cover all key aspects of dressing your shops for the festive season.
This practical opportunity to train the...


We are very pleased to announce that the pub quiz held each year at the Morpeth Arms in Pimlico will take place once again in 2015. This year it...


ACE Masterclasses are designed to deliver practical information and skills that you can apply as soon as you return to your shop. They are...

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19 March 11.30 am 'Inconspicuous Consumption' - at last! A programme about museum shops 'Exist Through the Gift Shop' - catch it on Iplayer if you don't get there in time

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The winners of the 2015 ACE Best Product Awards were announced at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth on Tuesday 3rd March.